American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation


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American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation (AITC) is a specialty utility construction company performing analysis, maintenance and rehabilitation of pipelines for municipal, industrial and private use.

American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation was established in February 2005. Since our inception in 2005 we have performed a wide variety of installations of sewer, water, and storm line repairs and replacement for various clients. American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation has a company-wide commitment to outstanding performance as well as exceeding client expectations.

The company was formed by partners Kenneth Giddens and Tim Bixler. Ken and Tim have combined experience of over 50 years in the repair or replacement of sewer, storm sewer, and water pipelines, as well as the heavy and general construction industry.


Since our organization in 2005, we have successfully performed work for many municipalities and private companies. We have analyzed, maintained, repaired or replaced infrastructure piping systems in the sewer, water, and storm sewer environment for pipes ranging in size from 4" to 96". A complete list of client references is available upon request.


Our New Service

Pressure Water Pipe
Aged, deteriorated and neglected potable water lines have posed expensive repair costs and great loss of valuable assets up until now. No more extensive digging. No more labor-intensive line removal and replacement. The CIPP Corporation “H2O Liner” offers an exclusive solution when drinking water lines need attention.